Why Preplanning Your Funeral Service Makes Sense

The loss of a loved one can come as a shock, even at the end of an illness or when the deceased was of an advanced age. There may be unexpected tasks to conclude the business of the decedent’s estate. While you can’t expect the unexpected, arranging your funeral in advance can help relieve some of the burden of carrying out your final wishes.

With pre arranged funeral plans, you make your wishes known clearly, and with enough time for adjustment and budgeting. This can eliminate the potential for disputes at a stressful time. If your funeral plans require special arrangements, e.g.. a particular officiant, a certain type of casket or floral arrangement, your funeral plan can reduce the haste needed to ensure they are there. With multi-faith or multi-cultural families, this can be especially helpful, as you’ll make sure the traditions you wish to honor can be celebrated.

preplanning funeral servicesPre arranged funeral plans spare your loved ones stress at a difficult time. A loss can be preceded with enormous uncertainty and decisions. The stress connected to a loved one’s final illness or an accident may they bleed into the rief of a final loss. If your loved ones have never planned a funeral, pre arranged funeral plans help alleviate the shock of losing you by making sure that it’s not followed by the bewilderment of a new process. You can also delegate duties in your funeral plan, so that your final arrangements fall to those prepared to take up the task.

Pre arranged funeral plans, when pre paid, also cushion your loved ones against the financial blow of your loss. Pre paid funeral arrangements are protected from inflation; once paid for, you won’t pay more. A death may be preceded by significant medical expenses or in the aftermath of an accident. Pre paid funeral arrangements make sure that the traditions that help bring your loved ones through the grieving process take place even through financial difficulties. Funeral plans do not need to be pre paid, but it is a step that will further comfort the ones you love.

Pre arranged funeral plans can seem daunting, but they are easier than you think. We at Kennedy Funeral and Cremation, a Tulsa funeral home, will be happy to answer questions and help you start the process.  Planning your funeral in advance will ease any anxiety you might have over your final arrangements. Pre arranged funeral plans are a great service to loved ones, a final gesture that can make their grief slightly easier.