10 Ways to Remember Your Deceased Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a difficult holiday if your dad is deceased. Whether your loss is recent or your father passed away years ago, these tips can help you honor your deceased dad on Father’s Day and feel connected to him on this poignant holiday.

Help Others In His Name

Senior Couple Working As Part Of Volunteer Group

If your father had a favorite charity, make a donation to it in his honor. You could donate to your local animal shelter, for example, if he loved his pets. If he passed away from a disease, you could donate to an organization that combats the illness and helps others with the same ailment. Volunteering your time with an organization that your dad supported or for a cause meaningful to him can also be an excellent way to honor his memory.

Swap Stories and Anecdotes

Spend time with people who also remember and miss your father, and swap stories about your favorite times with him. You’ll probably learn something new about your dad and will be able to share your memories with others who loved him also.

Keep Your Dad’s Memory Alive

If you have children, talk with them about your father, whether they had the opportunity to know him or not. Keep his memory alive by telling them about your dad, pointing out ways in which they are like him. Show them any photographs you may have of your father and talk with them about what he liked to do, what he found funny, family vacations, etc.

Share Something He Taught You

Share something that your father taught you, such as how to throw a baseball or Frisbee. Or show another family member how he taught you to juggle, cook a favorite dish, or draw.

Read Something He Enjoyed

If your dad loved to read, pick up something that would have appealed to him. Did he like sports magazines, classics, or biographies? It may not be your usual choice of reading material, but it will help you feel connected to your dad.

Participate In An Activity He Loved

Spend time participating in an activity that your father enjoyed. Maybe he liked to fish or go to baseball games. Pay a visit to his favorite fishing spot, if you live nearby, or cheer on his favorite team.

Prepare Or Eat a Favorite Meal

Fix a meal with some of your father’s favorite foods. Or if he liked to grill out, try preparing the meal that way. Eating out at one of his favorite restaurants, especially with others who also loved him, can be another way to honor and connect with your father.

Visit His Gravesite

Visit your father’s gravesite or place of internment if you live close enough and think it would bring you comfort. If you’d like, bring flowers in his favorite color.

Rediscover Old Photos

Go through old photos of your father and share them with your family. You’ll probably rediscover some memories you’ve forgotten. You could have copies made for other family members and also create a photo album or book or online slideshow that details your memories.

Write Him a Letter

Write your dad a letter. Many people find putting their thoughts to paper to be very therapeutic. It can also be a way to get some closure if there are some things you’d like to tell your dad but didn’t have the opportunity while he was alive.

Father’s Day can be a bittersweet time if your father has passed away. These ways to honor your deceased dad on Father’s Day can help you connect with him and give you comfort on this sometimes difficult day.

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