Honoring Your Loved One in the Tulsa Metro Area.

Losing a loved one is a difficult season to walk through. Often times, people desire opportunities to celebrate the legacy of their loved one long after they have passed. Tulsa has some incredible memorialization options for individuals and groups looking to honor loved ones in this way.

Sponsor a Memorial Bench at the Tulsa Zoo

The Tulsa zoo is one of the community’s most beloved places. With over half a million visitors each year, the Tulsa Zoo is a great place to celebrate your loved one’s legacy with a gift that will touch hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

One memorialization opportunity within the Tulsa zoo is through their Memorial Bench Program. This programs offers loved ones an opportunity to make a $1,500 contribution to the zoo and in return, you will receive a memorial bench that is placed on the zoos campus. The zoo welcomes both individual contributions as well as group contributions towards a Memorial Bench. Each bench comes with a customizable plaque to commemorate your loved one. This memorialization option is one that will be appreciated and well loved by zoo patrons. For more information about honorary gifts or the Memorial Bench program, please contact us at 918.669.6614 or visit the Tulsa Zoo web site.

Plant a Tree in Memory of Your Loved One Through Up with Trees

Another memorialization opportunity in the Tulsa area is the Commemorative Trees program by Up With Trees. This Organization has been serving the Tulsa community since 1976 and is passionate about planting a more beautiful tomorrow for future generations. Their vision makes this program such a great memorial option when considering ways to celebrate your loved one’s legacy for generations to come. For a $400 contribution, one of several different tree species can be planted in one of Up With Tree’s numerous arbor gardens scattered around the city. Each tree has a customized plaque placed around its base and the organization provides a 3 year-warranty on the both tree and plaque. They also handle all watering and general maintenance of the tree. Please contact Shawn Poynor at shawn@upwtihtrees.org or 918.610.8733 if you are interested in this option.

Adopt-A-Highway Through the Oklahoma Department of Transportation

For someone looking to participate in an activity in luau of a donation, consider adopting a highway in memory of your loved one through the “Adopt-A-Highway” program. Although this is a short term memorial, this organization’s mission has an incredible impact on our community and their vision will last for generations to come. This memorial option is a service project in memory of your friend or family member. Each “adoption” consists of a two-mile section of highway that you maintain multiple times a year for two years. If you are interested in this please contact the Beautification Office at 405.521.4037 or email beauty@odot.org.

Finding a way to celebrate the lives of our loved ones after they have passed is such a special thing. It’s a way for us to feel close and connected to them and it allows their memory and legacy to touch those in our community for years to come.

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Honoring Your Loved One in the Tulsa Metro Area